ADONIS Surrogacy clinic

ADONIS Surrogacy clinics keep going to work in any given situation to ensure the highest quality of treatment for the people from the whole world.

With the help of innumerable opportunities of the newest technologies, we provide the widest variety of treatment options according to your individual request and prescription.

Our highly specialized office located in the United States was opened to guarantee the best level of comfort and convenience thanks to the local presence. The highest expertise and Surrogacy knowledge of the worldwide medical society are aimed to help ADONIS patients with baby birth and happy parenting.

ADONIS Fertility International LLC is the North American Headquarters of the ADONIS Medical Group of Companies which is your best support and help from the very beginning of the treatment process.

The main advantages from usage ADONIS Fertility International LLC services are: 

  • Terms and regulations of the USA

Although all medical processes are carried out in ADONIS Ukraine facilities, the whole range of security is ensured by the USA laws. The child born with the help of ADONIS Surrogacy treatment will have the USA citizenship, moreover the full support of ADONIS own Legal Department is ensured in every aspect.

  • Medical Financing profit

The flexible financing up to 35 000$ is the best advantage for every patient. The partnership between the ADONIS and United Medical Credit – is your total confidence with favorable terms and conditions exclusively for ADONIS clients. International Surrogacy cost in ADONIS is really affordable.

  • Banking extra level safety

ADONIS Fertility International provides the most client-oriented service with no international wires and no cash only payments conditions during the whole process of treatment. ADONIS patients from the USA and Canada make their payments to a United States Bank (the usage of bill pay, checks or other methods is allowed).

  • 24/7 support center

Every client of ADONIS is provided by the personal coordinator which is always in touch and ready to answer every queries and questions. There are no borders and time-zones differences for real professionals of ADONIS clinics. The support center is working 27/7, everyday.

ADONIS Fertility International LLC is your support, coordination center and accountability system throughout the process.

ADONIS clinics provide the full-cycle treatment process on its own basis and control the state of every patient till his full recovery.

The widest range of additional services include the professional help of ADONIS ‘own Legal Department, which supports you in every step of the way home (and during the treatment process, too) until you come back with the baby in your arms.

Our main policy is built around the needs and demands of the patient to ensure the best care and results.

Choose one of the best ADONIS Surrogacy Programs and change your life fundamentally. The special offers and convenience range of packages are provided for our clients from the USA or Canada, with no additional costs and a lot of benefits.

ADONIS own Surrogate base, examination laboratory, ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals and the most experienced professionals will ensure the highest quality results.

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