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Hoodie – The winter trends

It is important to update your wardrobe with the weather. In winter, men’s fashion becomes more relaxed with hoodies, jackets, sweater and more likely with luxury wear (coats, pant). This men clothes make them look more decent in every event whether they are going to party, bonfire, or any wedding ceremony.

Men clothing in Pakistan has made specific importance in the fashion industry from the last few years, and as well as online shopping men websites are also increasing rapidly.


Like other outfits of men, hoodies and sweatshirts also play important role in men’s wardrobe in winters.


Types of Hoodies to Wear

Zip style

Zip variety hoodies are designed to wear in open or zipped style depending on the weather or overall outfit of the day.  The most important advantage of wearing zip hoodies that you can easily take it off without messing up your hair. You can also unzip this type of hoodies when you start to feel warm.



Pullover type hoodies are slightly broad in shape. Higher necklines, slide slits and the absence of a ribbed hem are more common with this type too, elevating comfort over the class. These classic hoodies keep you stay warm and cozy in hard weather. Actually, it makes the man look sophisticated. You can use them in any party, institutions or even in professional meetings.


Rules to Wear Hoodies

Following are the rules you should apply on yourself while buying or wearing hoodies.

  1. Hoodies should be fitted.
  2. Shoulders should be snug, with the sides of the hoodie.
  3. A billowy body should be sloppy after wearing
  4. It should be a relaxing one.
  5. The fabric of hoodies should make you comfortable.


In short, before buying and wearing a hoodie you should think about your comfort first. Never go for a slim fit tight hoodie but nicely fitted make your look better. Always have enough room to get your hand up the sleeve, comfortably. And, the fit needs to allow for over-layering, chucking on a jacket, smoothly, over the hoodie, without bunching,


Fabric Of Hoodie

Choice and know how of fabric is necessary before buying any type of hoodie. You need to pick the right fabric for hoodies. Cotton fabric is the best and original fabric, loved by many sports players and now in urban gents too. Because cotton stops air from penetrating and make people warm. It also absorbs sweat when body temperature warms up. Cotton hoodies can also use in spring and autumn too. If you are looking full fashioned and comfortable hoodie.


Now you know all the necessary things about the hoodies, you can buy hoodies online from The Warehouse at a very reasonable price to make your wardrobe up to date according to weather without getting late. The Warehouse offers good material comfortable jackets, sweatshirts, and hoodies to make you feel warm and cosy in this unbearable winters.

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