Apparels – Change the style of living

In simple term Apparel also known as clothing is used to cover human body. There are numerous types of apparel, worn to suit different occasions and places. In general term we can include outfits, clothing, watches, shoes, jewelry etc under apparels. Basically Apparels are used to describe the outfits, clothes, shoes etc worn by people. Since the old times Apparels style are ever changing.

Basic points which determine the Apparels styles
Apparels styles

Basic points which determine the Apparels styles

Below given the basic factor which effects the apparels style of society –

* Protection

Protection is the basic need of the apparels wearing.

* Fashion

The style of Apparels varies with the ever changing fashion of the world.

* Tradition
People also use apparels according to their traditions.

* Weather
Primarily apparels can serve as a protector from the weather.

* Religion

Some people wear apparels according to their religion for example most of the Muslim women wear veils in public because their religion requires them to hide their hair from strangers.

* Status
Mostly wear apparels according to their social status.

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