What is the right time to buy Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

Commitment is one of the few highs in life for someone. It’s lifetime moment. So, if you are the one who is proposing – you are going to want everything going right in your way. Not only your partner but also the engagement ring.

When is the “engagement season” and should you plan
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When is the “engagement season” and should you plan?

When it comes to engagement rings, we’ve all seen the commercials and promotional videos coming out around Christmas – so it’s a huge indicator.

The engagement season usually lasts from November to February, and an estimated one-third of couples are engaged during this period. As a result, the demand for rings is at an all-time high. Maybe it’s because the holidays are spent with family, or maybe it’s just the perfect time to propose, anyway, it’s the time of year when the rings are flying over the showcases.

So, if that’s when you want to propose, then plan ahead and get the ring a month or two before the madness starts.

We advise you to buy your ring between July and August, as this is generally known as the wedding season. Many couples get married during the summer months and so you should be able to find some good deals on engagement rings, as wedding rings are the most popular choice at this time of year.

How far in advance should you buy an engagement ring?

We recommend that you buy the engagement ring at least three months before you plan to offer it, which gives you enough time to change things and / or plan everything so that everything goes well.

The last thing you want is for the production of rings to be delayed and to cause damage in the timing of your proposal. It can take up to six to eight weeks to make ring adjustments, so keep that in mind. Buying a ready-made style can dispel this worry.

When it comes time to buy your ring, set yourself a budget so that you know what type of thing you should look for when browsing styles and you can tell the jeweler your exact budget – allowing you to filter your more easily find the right ring faster.

What to consider when buying the engagement ring

Also think practically and keep in mind the lifestyle of your partner. It is best to avoid buying an engagement ring that may be uncomfortable or that should be removed often because of work or daily activities. If your partner is someone who loves sports, then you should opt for a thinner ring with rounded edges.

People who work with their hands might want to avoid a big diamond engagement ring or wedding band and opt for something a little simpler that does not trap dirt. Think of other jewelry worn by your future fiancé because if their future engagement ring is not the only piece they will wear then you might want to buy something that fits well with what they already have.

When to buy your wedding ring

So when do you buy your wedding rings? We recommend about three to four months before your wedding. This gives you plenty of time to browse ring styles, do some shopping to try them out and decide together which bands are best for you and your lifestyle. Leaving your wedding ring too late for shopping will only create stress as close to the big day as possible, so do a mid-way job planning the wedding.

Think about looking to see if the brand of your engagement ring was purchased from offers a matching wedding band. This can make the whole process much easier and also ensures that the rings sit comfortably together on the finger.

Your wedding rings are not necessarily matched – many couples have completely different preferences and tastes but usually buy from online jewelry website, but it’s fun to buy them together and choose the bands you intend to trade the day to mean your commitment and your love. Another forever.

What to do once she said yes!

So you decided on the engagement ring and know when to buy the engagement ring and they said yes – now what? Here are some things you need to do!

Call friends and family

This is normally one of the first things people do. You want to share your exciting news! Try to do this over the phone instead of using SMS, Facebook, Twitter or e-mail, because no one likes to be the last to know or know if they are close to you. Set aside a few hours to make a few phone calls together.

Get the size of the ring

The ring is perfect, it shines beautifully but maybe it’s a little too big or a little too tight. Have it resize as soon as possible because after all, you want your partner to show everyone you see and the last thing you want after all that decision making is to lose it.

Subscribe to insurance

Nothing will ever replace the sentimental value of your ring, but if something happens to it, at least it is possible to recover the money. If you have home insurance or content insurance, add your ring to your policy. You may need to get a formal assessment before you can add it, so call the insurance broker to see if the paperwork is necessary.

Set the date

After all the congratulations, the first thing people will ask is, “When is the wedding?” This will save you a lot of headaches if you go with a vague and precise answer “time in two years” or “in summer”. People just want to constantly feel in the loop and involved when it comes to weddings and they can start putting it in their metal journals. It will also give you and your other half a little direction to start planning.

Spend an evening with your fiancé

Plan an evening for both of you. Have a good time with each other and enjoy each other’s company and hit the city to celebrate.

Buy wedding planning stationery

Get a calendar, a diary, a wedding planner and an organizer. This will help you massively and help to organize everything and ready. The Knot website also has great expert advice on planning your wedding, so you need inspiration and ideas.

Decide if you want a wedding planner

Review the elements of your wedding such as location, organization, and gifts – determine if these are things you would like to do alone or if you prefer to hire a wedding planner to reduce stress. Remember that a planner will cost you more, so make sure the option fits your budget before you consider it.

Open a wedding savings account

Weddings cost money – and a lot of money for that. Opening a wedding savings bank account is an easy way for you to keep your money safe and accumulate for your big day. Just head to your bank and open a basic savings account, or take a look at some of the higher interest accounts and deposit a certain amount each time you have been paid to pay the wedding expenses.

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