Three Times Gift Giving Can Be Tough

Have you ever had that friend or family member that you just can’t buy a gift for? On their birthday, they already have everything they could ask for. But for some holidays it is even more difficult to find a gift. On these special days, tracking down the right present takes planning long before the day of the event. Today, we are highlighting three situations that are particularly difficult to buy in.

Gifts for Internet Friends
Gift Giving Types


The History of Gift Giving

Humans giving gifts to each other is nothing new. In fact, the practice may date back to the very origin of our species. In the early days, cavemen commonly gave gifts in an effort to show affection or curry favor. Gifts have also long been a way for leaders to recognize important contributions from within a tribe.

Regardless of the item, the gift has been common throughout the years. Of course, the nature of gifts has evolved significantly over time. Eons ago, a common gift might include a smooth rock, rare tree bark, or food. But today, the advancements in our society have led to our culture significantly upping our gift giving game.

Today, gifts can still be simple. Many people enjoy making their own gift, creating a piece of art, or simply giving a greeting card. But gifts have certainly become more extravagant over the years. For the wealthy, it is not uncommon to give gifts of cars or even homes. For some, the jewelry exchanged can cost as much as a vehicle or a house for those with fewer resources.

In the end, while it may be fun to receive an expensive gift, it truly is the thought that counts.

Three Times Gift Giving Can Be Tough

These situations are by far the toughest times to get a present for someone. You will want to get help in advance to find that perfect keepsake.

Retirement Gifts

Retirement parties are often awkward. You never want to appear excited that someone is leaving, but you still have to treat the event as important. Adding to the complication is that many expect a gift at a retirement party. What do you buy for a person whose live is about to change dramatically? If you don’t know the person well enough to have that answer, ask someone that does .

Gifts for Internet Friends

Buying gifts for your friends can be difficult when you are around them all the time. But what about friends you have never met? If you have made close friends online or are taking part in an online gift exchange, it can be tough to find the right gift. Getting some advice for buying gifts for internet friends will come in handy.

Baby Sprinkles

Baby showers are often the easiest situation to buy a gift. The prospective parents go to the trouble of creating a gift registry that not only gives you a handy list of the things they want and need, it also provides useful guidance to avoid giving the same gift as someone else.

That is for a couple’s first child, though. Many times, a couple will not have a formal baby shower for their second baby. That does not mean a gift isn’t appropriate. To the contrary, a gift is usually expected. And while the mother may not throw a full-blown baby shower, it is not uncommon to have a less formal gathering known as a baby sprinkle. Without a baby registry to guide you, buying a gift for this event can be tough.


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