What sets MesmerEyez lenses apart from other contact lens brands?

Where contacts are a huge convenience, they can just as easily become a liability if used incorrectly. Other than use, the contacts themselves also need to be of good quality to avoid eye infections which may even cause permanent harm to the eyes.

Benefits of contacts lenses
How to choose perfect Contacts lenses

For this reason, it is important that you choose the very best, whether transparent or best color eye lenses in Australia.

Why should you opt for MesmerEyez?

With MesmerEyez, you can be sure you’re getting the best of the best!

Here’s why:


Durability is a huge concern with just about everything. When you pay good money for something, you expect it to last right? And when you talk about something you’re going to be putting inside your eye, it has to be durable.

Contacts reside inside your eye – one of the most sensitive and also most important organs of your body, so durability is a key aspect for sure. I mean imagining contacts just disintegrating within your eye? What a huge disaster would that be! And don’t think such freak incidents don’t happen.

With the market being flooded with plenty of sub-quality varieties, you’ve got to be extra careful.UsingMesmerEyez, you can be assured you’re getting the most durable lenses. They won’t let you down for sure!


Some might say quality and durability go hand in hand. And I must say I agree with it. When you select the best quality, that’s when you get durability. It goes without saying, therefore, that the durability of MesmerEyez contacts is due to the high quality materials and diligent quality control processes that ensure you get the best when you purchase our contacts!

Color Selection

Another really significant advantage that comes with choosing MesmerEyez is that you get a good variety of color selection. They’ve got just about everything from more natural colors such as brown, blue, green and grey to the bolder varieties often used to complement costumes and such.


The natural category caters to people who want to opt for a more subdued and subtle look. These contacts aren’t entirely opaque, so while they will change your eye color, they’ll do so in a delicate way through enhancing your natural eye color.

This is especially useful for individuals who don’t want to go all out. The colors included in this range are blue, brown, green and grey. They’re truly beautiful colors that will enhance your looks!

The natural range is further bifurcated into those available as 1 day wear and 3 month wear. These include a vast collection of truly stunning and unique shades such as London sky which is an icy color, violet, as well as shades of blue, green and brown.

The large collection ensures that there’s something out there for every skin tone and every occasion as well! MesmerEyez is truly living up to its name of being the provider of best color eye lenses in Australia, and it is evident why!

Fancy Dress:

The contacts included in this category aren’t your typical run of the mill colors. These are bolder choices, sure to make heads turn. The contacts in this category are more opaque so rather than simply enhancing eye color like the natural contacts, they change eye color completely.

The “blind” lenses are a milky white color to give your eyes a blank and of course blind stare. They’re super creepy! Mini Sclera lenses are all black, so if you’re planning to dress up as something other-worldly this Halloween, this will completely wow your friends.

Next up are the UV lenses which are quite intricately designed. UV lenses have an outer black edge and an inner black circle for the pupil, the rest is a vivid orange-red color! Next in this category are the “xtreme” lenses which are a combination of lime yellow and black.

The fancy category also has subcategories according to wear times. There are lenses available for 1 day wear, 1 month and 3 month wear. Mentionable out of these are the cat shaped lenses which have an uncanny cat-like slit in the middle which would make the most human into the most believably feline!

Another one that strikes the eye is the “psycho”. I believe that this particular one is really imaginative, the contacts are black but instead of the pupil in the middle there’s a swirl. Looking at it can literally make you feel like someone out of a mad house is standing right in front of you!


Through division of lenses into categories according to replacement and wear times, MesmerEyez ensures that the most comfort is delivered to its customers. Adhering to timelines for replacement as well as wear times will guarantee that you get the most out of them.

Always remember to practice good hygiene and taking proper care when handling contacts!



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