International Surrogacy without borders

International Surrogacy is no more a very complex process with a lot of nuances and difficulties. With the new technologies and ADONIS support you will get the most comfort conditions during your infertility treatment. There is no time to wait – a new beautiful life is waiting for you and the first step is ADONIS Surrogacy Programs available for everyone.

The main medical indications to experience ADONIS Surrogacy services:

  • cavity or cervix deformation (in case when medical correction is impossible or have no appropriate effect)
  • endometrial pathology – synechiae, the uterine cavity obliteration, endometrial atrophy (in case when correction is impossible or have no appropriate effect)
  • pregnancy failure after repeated embryo transfer attempts (3 or more attempts with good quality embryo transfer)
  • uterus absence
  • recurrent miscarriage without reference to the genetic pathology
  • diseases (conditions) included in the list of contraindications to conceive

Please, pay particular attention that this list of medical indications is for informational purposes only. The final word is always after your personal doctor from the skilled staff of ADONIS.

International Surrogacy and availability worldwide

We believe that quality infertility treatment must be available for everyone without reference to the place of residence.

ADONIS Fertility International LLC is the North American Headquarters of the ADONIS Medical Group of Companies, which was created with the main aim – to ensure Surrogacy and other Infertility treatment of the highest level.

We offer a totally transparent process with ADONIS ‘own Legal support and help.

ADONIS Surrogacy Programs benefits for US and Canadian citizens:

  • Total comfort and convenience 

The company was created for the convenience of our patients in the USA and Canada. We are your support and coordination center, with the single goal of your success and healthy born baby. ADONIS Fertility International is located in your timezone and is an American company. We are your biggest advocates and accountability system throughout the process.

  • Affordable and safe payments

ADONIS International surrogacy cost is more affordable in comparison with other companies which provide such type of service. Your Surrogacy Program is properly calculated and is the best quality/price ratio which you can’t even dream of. ADONIS cooperates with American bank, so your payments will be safe and with no risks related. The journey with an amount of cash is no longer required.

  • Ensured USA citizenship

ADONIS facilities and the whole treatment process is located in the Ukraine, but it would not prevent you from receiving US citizenship for your future baby. Ukraine has the best parental rights establishment for intended parents. The exit process for you and your child through the US Embassy in Ukraine is robust and convenient. ADONIS ‘own Legal team of the best specialists stays with you every step of the way, until you’re flying back with your baby in your arms.

  • Immediate start of the Surrogacy Program 

ADONIS Fertility International in Colorado Springs provides the whole informational support for the start of the Surrogacy Program.

You can start it immediately. The travel outlook for intended parents and biomaterial couriers is perfect right now, especially with the help of ADONIS!

ADONIS Surrogacy is legal, qualitative and highly experienced services. Choose the best of the sphere and become happy parents with ADONIS!

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